ODROID-U2: New HDMI cable

Finally I bought a new HDMI-HDMImicro cable. The new one is of a greater quality, it isn’t a super expensive cable from the most top shelf I could find, but it isn’t the cheapest either.

The damaged cable demotivated me a little, I couldn’t get myself to find it quicker. Also I wanted to read something about the HDMI and HDMI cables. I found out that Ethernet can be encapsulated through an HDMI cable. Instead of looking on an internet auction, I wanted to find a store at my city, so when it would be also damaged, I could give it back. I found store near my work and to my surprise, the store was specialized only in HDMI cables.


Old cable on the left, new on the right. Then new one feels a little better in quality then the older one. Even the gold color on the connectors is more intense.

I connected the new cable and it does not matter at which angle it is connected, the image is always crystal clear.




2 thoughts on “ODROID-U2: New HDMI cable

  1. Tip: there’s no such thing as “better quality HDMI cable”. It’s digital, so it’s always either working or not working

    1. Yes, I know that HDMI cable is digital and it either works or not. In my case at first I bought a cheap one and one of the connectors was probably damaged, after seeing problems with it I spent a little more on the cable and bought another cable, but this time I went to a store and checked the cable with the seller

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