New e-mail address

Recently I was looking at my e-mail address and I thought to myself that, when I want to give it to someone to contact me then he or she will get the ‘funny looking face’ saying ‘what is this? seriously?’. The second thing is that I always had problems with providing it via phone call, I mean spelling the e-mail. I know that it is quite simple, but I live in Poland and when I using ‘Q’ then every time people get confused.

So I decided to create a new one. Creating e-mail address on Google servers with my name and surname wasn’t successful, all the combinations are already reserved.
I already use one ‘variation’ of my name on BitBucket and as it turned out this e-mail address wasn’t taken.

So my new, official e-mail will be:

I will still use the old one, bu this will replace it in all accounts which are important to me.

I also added this information to my contact page on this blog.


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