Samsung Galaxy SII – Update Android to 4.0.4

My new phone came to me with 4.0.3 version of Android system. My friend told me, that there is an update to 4.0.4. Not a big version jump, but something did concern me. I didn’t receive any updates. When tried to check updates via settings menu, it responded that there are no updates. When connected to KIES PC suite, then I got a message that my current firmware does not support software update. So I started to look for the answer.

I showed the KIES message to my friend and he told me to check what CSC I have set on my device. At first I didn’t even know what it was, but a quick google search and I found it.

CSC stands for Country Sales Code. It is a preconfiguration that is installed for a target country. My phone had set KOR. This CSC is for Korea and it’s for test purposes. I live in Poland, so my CSC should be XEO.

To check out what the CSC is set on the device type in the keypad:

*#06# - to check the device's IMEI number

After the second code is typed in, a menu will show up where the preconfiguration can be set. Active radio button will indicate the current CSC.


When a new preconfig is set and install clicked, all phone data is wiped out (allmost all, but most of app data). So in order to not loose the data, make a backup before.

When new CSC is set and install clicked, the phone will restart. After reboot it will reconfigure whole device.

Changing the CSC from KOR to XEO allowed me to get updated over the air. So now, after few updates installs and reboots, I finally have Android 4.0.4. Although this isn’t a major leap, I hope the updates repaired some problems, like hanging Wi-fi. Sometimes, when I wanted to turn on the Wi-fi, it only hanged on “Turning on Wi-fi…” and most of the times a reboot was needed (a workaround was to turn on Flight Mode, but that didn’t work for some of the cases).


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