New phone – Samsung Galaxy S II

I changed my phone. I bought a Samsung Galaxy S II. This phone isn’t the newest on the market, but still it is a powerful device. I wanted to have a device, which could handle the latest Android system. I received it with Android ICS (version 4.0.4) preinstalled, but I read on the Internet that in November it will be an official update to Jelly Bean.

S2 is much better than my previous phone, Samsung Galaxy Ace. Ace is a level or two lower than S2. Now I feel how technology went ahead. Not only the hardware is great, but also Android 4 is very different than Android version 2, which I have installed on Ace. The look and feel is much better.

As a smartphone it is inevitable that the battery life will be not so good. All the hardware needs power. I turned off all connectivity except GSM, set brightness to lowest possible value. Still I sometimes turned on Wi-fi and played games and the phone went 3 days and 2 hours on the first full charge.

Additionally, experienced by my previous phones, I bought an etui made out of rubber and a foil for the screen. The screen is made out of Gorilla Glass, which is advertised as no-scratchable. Knowing me I probably would scratch anyway. So an extra foil won’t hurt.


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