Bicycle trip from Szczecin to Międzyzdroje

It was a lazy August when it comes to blogging, but in the meantime I did some fun stuff. I start with a bicycle trip.

At the beginning of August I had my holiday. I decided to cycle from Szczecin to Międzyzdroje through Germany. It was a whole day trip. It was very exhausting, but gave me a lot of fun.

I put the entire track on Endomondo – Bike trip 04.08.2012.

I entered the track manually to Endomondo, so it shows distance of 134.19 km only. I made few kilometers more. The whole track was 139.61 km long. It took me 9.5 h to get from Szczecin to Międzyzdroje. I started at 6:30 and arrived to Międzyzdroje at 16:00.

At the beginning of the trip a heavy rain caught me, I’ve already cycled 40 kms and was in the middle of a forest just before crossing the country border. I thought that the rain wouldn’t stop, so I had to turn around and reschedule my trip for another day. I stood in the forest for about half an hour, fortunately there was a parking with a pergola, so I could hide myself and my bike. Then the sun came out and for the whole journey I had a beautiful weather. On the track there are two ferries, each of them took me about 30 minutes to cross from one island to another. So in the end I was cycling about 7.5h to 8h. I did some stops to eat and drink. I didn’t really care of the time.

When: 2012-08-04
Time start: 6:30
Time stop: 16:00
From: Szczecin
To: Międzyzdroje
Distance: 139.61 km
Total time: 9.5 h
Time when cycling: 7.5h ~ 8h
Average speed: 18 km/h

Total distance this year: 1575.396 km
Total days cycled: 62
Best month: July – 507.607 km
Longest trip: August 04 – 139.61 km


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