Habits and how to work on them

I have some bad habits, which I want to get rid of. The problem is with habits that you cannot just forget about them, you have to work on them. There are two ways to get rid of of a bad habit. One is to replace it with a good one the second …

… the second is to analyze some key factors, of which a habit consists. I used to drink coffee and tea with sugar. I wanted to fully stop do this. So I stopped to buy sugar.

Recently I read on the Internet a post of a title ‘The to-do list problem’. There is a video embedded with a speech of B. J. Fogga about performing tasks, why people perform certain activities and how to manipulate this behavior. It explains in very simple words what I did.

It turns out, that performing a task or an activity can be divided into three components:
– there has to be an external trigger
– there must be the ability to do a certain thing
– and motivation to do it

So where are the habits here? With our habits it’s just the same as with simple activities.

For example lets analyze my sugar habit. It’s easy to notice that:
– trigger: I want to drink tea or coffee
– ability: there is sugar available
– motivation: I don’t like to drink bitter tea or coffee

Now, lets remove one of this factors, then it turns out that this bad behavior can be easier manipulated. I removed ‘ability’ by not buying sugar and decreased ‘motivation’, everytime when I want to drink something I tell myself that it isn’t that bitter. So far so good, it’s been a while and I don’t feel the need to drink tea or coffee with sugar.

I encourage to see the video, it’s short, about 15 minutes, B. J. Fogg does better explain this issue:

The to-do list problem


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