Rooting Nook Simple Touch

I bought Nook Simple Touch. This eReader is great, but the stock software isn’t flexible. The default application for book reading works fine with ePub files, which consist of mostly text. In case of images and tables changing font size does not zoom into images and does not scale tables. And the lack of landscape is another thing.

It isn’t a PDF reader. I would call it a visual previewer for PDF files. You can change the font size, but the images and tables disappear or the text from tables is mixed with the normal text. A nice feature would be to just crop the PDF, so the print margins wouldn’t be visible, automatically the font would be larger. In case of PDF files there is no zoom or magnifying glass options to zoom into diagrams or images embedded into the document. I mostly want to read technical documents and I have them mostly in PDF files, so a good PDF reading application is necessary. I could convert the PDF files into ePUB using Calibre, but not always it looks good. Most of the cases the PDF is so constructed, that the images are off screen and tables are not properly recreated.

Fortunately, the Nook Simple Touch runs Android 2.1 and it can be rooted. After rooting the device, there is access to the market, so another reading application can be installed. The rooting process took me about 10 minutes. I used the instructions at Nook Simple Touch Rooting. Be careful and read all the instructions before rooting the device, it will void your warranty.

Now with access to the market I can install another application to read PDF files. The search option does not work, it’s probably due to the fact that the market does not recognize Nook. Manual search through the list of available applications and I found a PDFReader. It is very simple, but does the job. It has zoom function and a grab and move, so after zooming to the proper size, the page can be moved to fit the screen width. Also the landscape is available, but after a page setup to fit the screen width, I don’t need to use it.


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