Nook Simple Touch

On one of the posts that gathered tips, which can help to improve computer skills, especially those regarding programming, was written that a good thing is to buy an ebook reader, so I bought Nook Simple Touch.

I find on the Internet many books, articles or documents worth reading, I have some PDFs on my HDD, but I don’t like to read on my monitor or laptop LCD. When I start to read, in just few minutes I get this felling, that my eyes are super tired and my brain is no longer understanding what am I reading. On the other hand there are books or magazines, but to carry them isn’t practical or even to buy all the interesting things. Many times only one chapter of a technical book is of my interest and just a few articles are touching the topics, which I want to read. With an ebook reader I can have all my e-books and e-magazines with me. Another cool feature is the search feature. Let’s face it, when searching a normal book page by page, I always find something interesting not related to what I’ve searched. Sometimes it’s good, but sometimes I find lots of interesting topics, that I forget what I was looking for. Why not use a device to search it for me? Yes, with a normal book it’s not quite possible (someone could build a grep-robot), but with ebooks it’s simple. The cost of simplicity and fast search is that I find less or even none side topics, not directly related to the search therm. If I want to get the job done, then there is no time for diving into the book. Later I can read the whole book and then I will get what’s in it.

Why Nook Touch? I was looking for an affordable e-book reader, I wanted to have a touch interface and not tightly bond to Amazon, so I didn’t even consider Kindle. Nook Touch is quite affordable. It uses ePUB for it’s major e-book format and it’s running Android 2.1. It has a touch interface, but it does also have some control buttons to flip pages. It’s screen wide is 6″, which is enough to comfortably read and stay mobile with it. It’s small and does not take much space.

When reading ePUB files, there are many different configuration options, like font size, font face, setup the page margins. There is a possibility to add notes, highlight text. There is a built-in English-English dictionary. These feature does not apply to PDF files. Main problem with reading PDF files is that there is no landscape and there is no zoom option for the images. The font size can be changed in a PDF file, but then the images are not visible and the text from the tables is extracted and no table borders are visible, so I have to change the font to see those in original state.

Nook is charged via USB. When connected to the computer it appears as a removable disk drive, so there is no need to use any specialized software, just copy files to the drive.


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