Web Browser Saved Password

I found a tip on a meme site, that allows to read a saved password in the Browser without going to Browser’s settings and checking the saved passwords. In Chrome you can go to the settings and click show password, don’t know how it is in other Browsers.

But to the point, when you save a password in the Browser and get back to the site later, then the Browser automatically fills the login data. The example will be on Facebook and Chrome Web Browser.

The credentials are filled, now right click on the Password field and choose ‘Inspect Element’.

Normally the form element is of type ‘password’, this attribute value prevents to display and send the password in plain text.

Right click on the attribute and ‘Edit attribute’.

Change the value to ‘text’ and hit enter.

Now the password field in the form shows the password in plain text.

I don’t know if there is a possibility to lock the database with saved password in the Browser, if there is, then this little trick shows how easy is to bypass this security and read someone’s saved password.


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