Ubuntu 12.04 LTS on VMWare player

Today Ubuntu 12.04 LTS has arrived. I’ve switched back to Windows 7 operating system as my main OS. I don’t want to reboot into Linux whenever I need to check something or to work on Linux a little bit. Instead of this I decided that I will use a virtual machine for this task. I probably won’t do any high resource demanding tasks on my Linux VM, so it should be enough.

I used on Linux VirtualBox virtualization software. It is a good solution, but I like the solution from VMWare. They provide a free VMWare Player, in which one can create VMs and play them. Since I won’t need the advanced features from VMWare, this solution will be enough for me too.

I already installed VMWare Player and downloaded the iso file for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. Lets install it!

1. Start VMWare Player and Create new Virtual Machine.

In the ‘New Virtual Machine Wizard’ window, select ‘I will install the operating system later’.

2. In the next window select guest OS, I chose Linux and Ubuntu 32bit, click Next.

3. Type in the name and select path for VM’s files, click Next.

4. Create virtual hard disk, I left the default settings and clicked Next, I think 20 GB is enough.

5. In the next window click on ‘Customize hardware’, attach the Ubuntu ISO file and configure network. I chose bridged network, close and Finish.

6. Start the VM, wait for Ubuntu to boot, click ‘Install Ubuntu’. Follow the installation instructions and wait for install.

7. When the installation process is finished, reboot the VM and install ‘VMWare Tools for Linux’. They will provide changing resolution when the window is re-sized, shared folders and clipboard. Choose Virtual Machine -> Install VMWare Tools… Follow the instructions.

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS installed and working, checked the network it is also working. So now, whenever I need to do something on Linux, I have a working VM.


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