I’ve got stuck

Recently I’ve got so stuck, that I can’t focus on anything. I am doing many things at once. It’s shouldn’t even called ‘doing things’, it’s more like touching and right away leaving the job. I don’t know when and how I’ve got so unmotivated, but fortunately I realized it soon enough. I noticed, that I got stuck while trying to finish an application for school. Even when it’s fun to program this app, I couldn’t focus on anything. The ceiling was far more interesting than writing more code.

But there’s cure! On some website (I can’t remember which one was it) I found an article, I think about ‘Getting Things Done’ method or about motivation. It was long ago and then I didn’t knew that it could be helpful right now. I did remember one thing from that article: build anticipation. The author of this article stated, that when you have a brilliant idea you shouldn’t rush to start fiddling with the guts of the task. Plan from the start, divide difficult tasks into smaller, easier and doable in 15 minutes. Keep track of done things. It’s very motivating when the done list grows and you getting to the end of the task.

As I wrote above, I am writing an application for my school project. It’s an Android application. I can’t get it done. It’s simple and shouldn’t take much time. Of course I am not an experienced Android developer, so I need to learn the basics. Fortunately my app uses more or less the basics of Android OS. So I started right away to follow above guidelines and stopped to even pick a documentation about Android at work. Sometimes when I’ve got few minutes free time I check some websites and only bookmark them or create Google Tasks from them to check them later. I decided to stop doing it.

Yesterday, I and my friends were playing video games. I didn’t do anything for my Android app and didn’t even check the bookmarks. We played till 11pm. When I finally sat in front of my computer I wrote a test application using Android Services (needed to learn about this topic for the app). Beforehand, I was struggling to understand how to get started with this topic and yesterday I got it working in 15 minutes. Then I could change the code and analyse what are the different methods of using Services.

So the conclusion is that when you get stuck and unmotivated, stop doing, plan a little, try to look at the problem from a different angle, talk to someone, do something not connected with the task and that it fun. For me it was probably the idea of writing a test application and not working on the target application a good thing. The video games session did help a little too.


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