Another weekend almost up

Another weekend is almost up. This weekend I didn’t try to conquer the world and I didn’t plan any tasks to finish. Instead of doing something, I wanted to just rest, but my programmer nature is a funny one and I couldn’t sit doing nothing.

This weekend, out of nothing, the will to program the miniSUMO robot came to me and I got to the point where the robot drives in the arena. I have also managed to get it’s sonar sensors working, so it will attack an opponent when he will be in the range of the sonar. I also cleaned up the code from unused stuff. The finite state machine is now working. I got rid off the waiting loops, while loops inside a state, that were doing nothing and only waiting for an event to occur.

I realized that I am more focused from about 22:30 till midnight, maybe till 1:00. Friday night I was sitting and reading a book about Object Oriented Analysis and Design. It’s a technical book, so reading it requires the reader to be fully focused and clear thinking. I am a person that is distracted easily, so during the day I can’t get full focus of my brain. Drinking green tea instead of lots of coffee helped me to get more relaxed.


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